Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hops & Barley Diet

Last night me and my friends went out for our usual Wednesday bar night.

Same people.
Same bar.
Same cheap draft.

It was a good time. They always are. But it's becoming so damn repetitive.
My life consists of my friends, the same bars, the same bar faces, and the usual nights.
Something is definitely missing.

It's the inevitable St. Catharines rut. It's a-comin' to get me.

Time for this broad to switch it up a bit.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Eaten by the alphabet...

I may drown in a sea of articles.

The words are gonna choke me, cuz they don't like to be used in such a manner.

So... if said death should occur, these are my wishes:

- Give my CD collection to Vicky. She has a lot to learn. But bury my favourites with me.

- At my funeral I would like you to read works from Poe, and have Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac playing in the background

- Give my band t-shirts to Cait & Maggie. They won't like all the bands... but the shirts will fit them. And thats important.

- If I'm cremated, send my ashes to Chino. He'll know what to do with them. He always knows what to do.

- Give Leah my DVDs... she'll appreciate most of them. She can share the doubles with a special boy, should she find a worthy one.

- Send Steph all my unfinished stories and old poetry. She won't laugh at me. She'll laugh WITH me.... then get it published as if it was her own.

Thanks. I feel better now.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Lyric Whore

Threw you the obvious
And you flew with it on your back,
A name in your recollection,
Thrown down among a million same.

Difficult not to feel a little bit disappointed
and passed over

When I've looked right through..
To see you naked and oblivious

And you don't see me...

But i threw you the obvious
Just to see if there's more behind the
Eyes of a fallen angel,
Eyes of a tragedy.

Here i am expecting just a little bit
Too much from the wounded.
But i see
See through it all
See through...
And see you...

So i threw you the obvious
To see what occurs behind the
Eyes of a fallen angel,
Eyes of a tragedy.

Oh well... apparently nothing.
Apparently nothing.. at all.

You don't see me.
You don't see me at all.

- 3 Libras
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