Sunday, December 16, 2007

Oh, snow... how I detest thee....

This broad... is all class. I don't really remember wearing Raf's hat, and taking a picture while he wore a Marilyn Monroe wig... but I guess it happened. I was fairly sober on this eve, as well.


I love my Sammy... especially while she's got on her old man hat and singing "Rock rock rock rock, rock & roll Asians", dedicated to a great man.

I'm snowed in, as many people are. All my plans for the day have fallen by the wayside. No wonky dinner thing (which is good), no going to Toronto to visit my sister for her 30th, and no going to see the boy even though I haven't seen him all week. Boo-friggin'-urns.

Anyway... I don't really mind staying in, cuz I tend to be a bit of a hermit. If I'm not at a bar, I'm at home. Er... switch that. I'm at home more than bars. Really. I swear.

I did pretty well this week... I only went out on two nights. That also means that I only left my house twice.

I need a hobby.

I have nothing interesting to say, so I'm done here. Leave me alone, assmonkeys.


Ann B said...

This psuedo boy stuff is quite suspicious. I want photo evidence, young lady.

Kris Can't Get No Men said...

Hahaha... you think I'd make him up?
It's true. I would. :(

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