Saturday, December 15, 2007

She ain't pretty, she just looks that way...

Today I am a certified Fuck Up.

Yup. I've gone 'n done it again!

Every once in awhile I allow myself to become negative to the point of insanity. I'm so neurotic and over-analytical that I just don't think straight.

These are the days when it's SUPER fun to be around Kristen.

Yes, on these particular days I'm even known to speak in third person.

So although most of my friends and family don't even know I have a "blog" (quotations cuz it's not a real blog..), some of you do. Therefore:

If Kristen (yup, third person again) has, at any point today, : insulted you, pushed you away, ignored you, confused you, growled at you, bitten off a piece of your flesh, eaten your food, tried to steal your baby, or made you sad in any way, shape, or form.....

She is sorry. And she will make it better.

Or, she will be beheaded.

Who needs a head anyways?


Ann B said...

I still have love for you, you didn't steal my baby.

Kris said...

Your babies are older than me, lady!

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