Saturday, December 29, 2007

So classy, it hurts...

If you take that blonde broad right there...
Throw a tight black polka-dotted dress on her
Curl her hair, add heels
And maybe a red boa for effect.

Will she act classy?
Polite, even?

Or will she still swear like a sailor
Chug back her beer
Eat everything in sight
And allow people to throw candy Rockets at her
So she can 'expertly' catch them in her mouth?


When she woke up yesterday morning
Remembering the entire bag of chips she ate.
That complimented her beer and the pizza that had gone cold
And as she found the Rockets on the floor that she had shaken from her bra the night before

She became pretty damn sure
That you can dress her up
And take her out
But she'll always be
The foul-mouthed, beer-sluggin', grease-devouring metalhead
That she has always been.

Amen to that.


ghetto.punk.chick said...

And that's why I love ya darlin.

Sammy Formaz said...

ha. i just read this. and am pretty sure it is referencing Sammy Formaz 2007.

Kris said...

It's true :)

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