Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Girl Was Always So High, And Now She's So Low...

I have a feeling that today is gonna be a multi-blog-entry kinda day.

It's kinda like pullin a plug to drain out all the extra crap in my brain.


All I know right now is that my addiction to music is both fueling my blues, and making them somehow easier to handle at the same time.

This is why I'm a freak for lyrics and powerful melodies.

I like to sit completely alone, in the dark, with a song turned up so loud that I can't even process normal thought.

When it's the right song... with words that speak to me and KNOW me, and music that just fits so damn well...

That's what moves me.

That's what makes me FEEL.

Why can a simple song connect to me better than most people do?


MikeD said...

Babe you ok?
You know im always good for a talk right?

kris said...

Yeah, I'm ok. You know how I get.
Stupid Kristen moods. :)

mikeD said...

ya i know your moods well enough to know when you need to talk.

i'm calling you later and we are hanging out. its been too long.

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