Sunday, January 13, 2008

If I Would... Could You?

Hangovers have never looked so bemused. Thanks for at least not using the flash.

Working on a Sunday is rarely fun.

But alas, here I am striving to meet deadlines.

I suppose I should have gotten up off my ass at regular intervals, but no.


I decided to begin organizing the songs on my computer.

Holy Jesus, I wish I had never started.

They were scattered all over the place, in different directories aptly titled "New", "Newer", and "Newest", based on when they were downloaded in recent years.

Now - they are sorted by artist. Well, some of them. This is going to take days.

If you want to see how eclectic and music-obsessed you are, I suggest doing what I've done.

I now fully realize what a loser I am. I'm a music geek, it's true.

Sometimes I wonder how I have friends,

When the only friends I REALLY care about are Morrison, Joplin, Staley, Hendrix, Osbourne, Moreno, Corgan, and Plant.

And maybe a little Armstrong. Louis, of course.


Anonymous said...

Can you come over and do mine when you're finished?

I'll make you dinner.

Kris10G said...

Hell no.

I don't even wanna finish doing MINE.


Anonymous said...

Then how about just dinner.

Kris10G said...

Works for me. ;)

Anonymous said...

Suck me please

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