Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Secret Identity

This is my alter ego.

She is me... but brunette, tattooed, and badass.

And so much more than I am.

She takes shit from no one, but will cause it for those who deserve it.

She has a damn fine brain, and makes sure that everyone knows it.

She is passionate, strong, opinionated.....

And insanely feisty.

She is respectful, but respected even more so.

She knows exactly what she wants, and would rather die before she gives up on obtaining it.

She is your friend, your lover, your confidante, and your enemy.

What I strive to be.

You dress up for Halloween to be someone else.

Instead of who I was supposed to be impersonating, I felt like a better me.

I dressed up as the Kristen I want to be.

Maybe a dye job

an attitude adjustment

and a confidence boost

And I'll become her.

But maybe not.


Anonymous said...

By far your best post.

The funny thing about this sort of thiin gis just how angry it makes us that we can make these changes with simple shift in perception, yet we never seem to have the courage.

Maybe you're closer than you think.

Maybe you need a Comic book Sidekick to help you realize your goal.

I'd sign up for that.

Kris10G said...


And I'll take your application to be my sidekick... I'm pretty certain you're a shoe-in.

MikeD said...

Kris you pretty much are all those things. The good ones anyway. You dont need to change anything but the low confidence. Not that you wouldnt be a hot brunette, lol.

Kris10 said...

Merci, Davis.
So what you're saying... is that I should dye my hair? And then I will be awesome? :p

ghetto.punk.chick said...

I'm waiting on your for our matching cousin tats slutnutz.

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