Thursday, January 10, 2008

Team Awesomeface

I have the most vividly messed up dreams sometimes.

I blame last night's dream on beer, cigarettes, and awkward bar situations.

I can no longer remember the majority of it, but I was in a mansion with

hidden stairways

a dungeon

secret rooms

and copious amounts of liquor.

All my friends were there.

And my most recent ex.

I was attacked by a bear in the yard of said mansion, and my clothes were ruined. So I found a shirt and put it on.

It belonged to the ex. When I found out, I climbed the hidden stairways to the secret rooms, and gave the shirt to his friend while the ex watched and spoke in tongues.

Oddly enough, that wasn't the weirdest part of the dream.

I remember being scared. Shit was going down. Why can't I remember the important parts?

I'd really like to know why I was attacked by a bear. THAT part I remember.

I was also babysitting small children while this drug, sex, and alcohol-soaked party was happening.

A little girl showed me the secrets.

Effin' weird.

I later had a dream

that me and the boy (who is no longer pseudo by any means) got a place together in Toronto.

I'm not surprised, since he fully put that idea into my head on purpose.

We were like the Cleavers.

But hotter.

And way more fun.


m.v.p. said...

I miss Toronto. You would thrive there, go for it.

kris said...

Thrive, huh? We shall see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Matty speaks the truth Little K. You are a really big fish that has outgrown her little pond. You need a bigger field, and live music on demand!!!!

And well ya, "other stuff".

Anonymous said...

rock chix rule. so hot.

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