Saturday, January 5, 2008

"That girl is just SICK...."

I've spent the last couple days assuming that I was sick with a nasty cold. But as I look through people's pictures that chronicle my recent days, I've come to a different conclusion.

I'm allergic to sexual feather boas.

Probably shouldn't have eaten the red one I wore to the Sammy Formal.

I also probably shouldn't have gotten near the black one that jumped from person to person.

And maaaybe bringing it to the dinner party a couple days later was a bad idea.

But... me being the smart little broad that I am... I left it in another city.

Bye bye, boa. As a fashion accessory, you were all-ruling.

But other than that... you make me sick.



m.v.p. said...

When did you become a girl who wears boas? It used to be that a middle finger and badass facial expression were your accessories.

Krissy's getting soft.

Kris said...

Oy vey...

The middle finger still makes an appearance, and the 'badass facial expression' seems to be in tact. Boas can be badass! Hahaha..

Don't EVER call me Krissy, Matty. You know better!

sambone said...

hey now! that black boa was mine!!

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