Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Lads Representin'

Gotta support the boy and his hockey brothers.

I present to you the Parkdale Hockey Lads at the 2008 Exclaim Summit Hootenanny.

Rockin' out and putting on an awesome show.

Good stuff, guys.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

See-Through Faded, Super Jaded, & Out Of My Mind


I am not a fan of the feeling that something bad is about to happen.

I've had it for awhile, but it's getting progressively worse.

Being permanently uncomfortable and worried does not make for a happy existence.


I have my suspicions. Let's see what pans out, shall we?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday Night Blather

Today, out of absolutely nowhere, I started thinking about the term "unconditional love".

Am I the only person who thinks that it's bullshit?

You can love someone completely, see past their faults, forgive things they may do, and continue loving them. But I'm of the opinion that everyone has a limit.

From what I can tell, the closest thing to true unconditional love tends to exist between parent and child. Those bonds can be amazingly deep.

But I wonder... If a mother loves her son or daughter above and beyond anything else in the world, does that make it unconditional?

I don't know. If that child grew up to be a serial rapist, or a murderer, or worse... is there even respect left, nevermind love?

I'm not a parent, so I can't say. But in relationships, I know there is nothing completely unconditional about it.

Someone hurts you, and you end things - eventually you fall out of love and move on.

Sometimes it takes even less than that. No wonder no one ever stays together.

Too bad, really.

Unconditional love would be nice. I'm a bit of a fuck-up.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

'Scuse Me Sir, Yer Shilelagh Is Showing.

From an Irish family dinner to a jam-packed bar,
drinking beer that was Blue, yet also green.

There was crazy dancing, crazy hats, crazy bar fights, and crazy sore feet during the trek back to my car.

Even though I dressed up myself, my Shamrock Mobile, and my little cousins,

I was still not able to find myself a leprechaun
with a luvverly pot 'o gold.


Guess there's always next year.

I'll be picking up molted pieces of my green boa until then.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I'm finding it pretty amazing that a visit and a simple, no-bullshit good time with a certain person can change everything from my mood to my perspective on things.

For a negative person like me, that's huge.

So today I have no complaints.

I'm just happy to have what I have, and who I have it with.

Thank you. You know who you are.

(As does everyone else, I'm certain.)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Fun With Google Sentences

LinkedIn is a networking tool that helps users like Kristen Goetz discover inside connections.

Kristen Goetz is a freelance writer from Ontario, Canada.

Aaron Kimmel and Kristen Goetz performed in the Twelfth Annual Pittsburgh Symphony Side-by-Side event at Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh.

Kristen Goetz, a high school senior and valedictorian, is promiscious and sly beyond her years, and forced into a motherly role while Cheryl suffers.

The registered letter was signed for by Kristen Goetz, an employee of Calise & Associates.

1st Place went to Kristen Goetz of Hollidaysburg who received. a U.S. Savings Bond in the amount of $100.00.

Miss Kristen Goetz, research assistant, Business Administration Department, SUNY Fredonia.

A daughter, Teagan Renee Goetz, was born at 5:10 pm Aug. 7, 2007, to Kristen Goetz.

The Kristen Goetz plan: a practical smoking cessation program for college students.

Kristen Goetz and Kimberly Yeung, both Matawan, worked for NBC during the 2004 summer Olympic Games held in Athens, Greece.

Scale the Summit: Leadership Summit 2007 BY Kristen Goetz.

Kristen Goetz owns you.

(A few are actually about me. But only a few.)

Quoi La Merde?

This look fully depicts my frustration of the past couple weeks. Attractive, I know.

Methinks the frustration, as far as work goes, may be changing.

The other day I sent a resume in for a job. Didn't know a damn thing about it, but I wanted part-time work for supplemental income.

I get the interview.

I go in, the man says he likes the fact that I'm a writer, and he started listing off projects and what I'll be doing. It was hard to keep up, and I'll admit it... I was confused.

Two hours later, in a slight daze due to all the information thrown at me, I walk out.

Somehow I just became not only a writer and editor for this company, but also a video editor/storyboard chick, and a spokesperson for certain tv/video projects.

How'd THAT happen?

I wish I knew.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

If She Don't Get Her Way, She'll Slice You Apart

I once got into a conversation with an ex,

a really STUPID conversation,

about what we would use as our entrance song had either of us been a wrestler.

Like I said, stupid.

Anyways. I chose "Looks That Kill" by Motley Crue.

And no, I don't think I have 'looks that kill'. But the tune is about a badass chick who doesn't take shit from anyone, especially some dude.

It's a nice thought.

If I was a guy, my song would've been "Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth, or "Battery" by Metallica.

But I'm a broad, so I'm stickin' to Crue.

Anyone else?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Although I Wasn't There, He Said I Was His Friend

I'm fairly certain, positive in fact, that it's not good when you can't tell your best friends why you're sad.

Or even that you're sad at all.

They can't help you if they have no inclination that something in your life is making you break down.

You act happy; you listen; you help solve their problems.

But not once do you let them help you.

Keep it to yourself, hope it goes away.

I'm the best friend that lets no one in.

That's the worst kind.

Ambition Makes You Look Pretty Ugly

Radiohead is apparently coming to Toronto this summer.

I'm there.

A word of warning to anyone who comes with me - I MAY cry when I hear Exit Music played live.

Yes, its true. I have functioning emotions.

So instead, I'm posting Paranoid Android.

For you kicking, squealing, Gucci little piggies.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sell Me Down The River


My name is Kristen.

My turn ons are: cheesecake, gel pens with comfort grip, and Bob Villa.

My turns offs are: plates lacking cheesecake, improper spelling, and Fergie.

I'm looking for someone who will pay me to sit and make sarcastic remarks all day long.

Those with sarcasm fetishes are welcome; I don't judge.

Touching is not permissible - the boyfriend would not allow this, and he bites.

Trust me.

If interested, please e-mail me and express what level of sarcasm you prefer.

Insults and rants are also available for an extra fee.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Video Fun: Part One

Allow me to take you on a journey of extreme embarrassment.

This video is from last November. My twinner friends and I took a little trip to Mississauga to see our friends play a show, and then proceeded to get ass-faced wasted afterwards in the bars and our hotel room.

Note: This is right after multiple 'glasses' of tequila on top of insane amounts of beer, and a trip to the hot tub (hence the uber frizzy hair).

The lovely drunken high-pitched disembodied voice is Miss Cait on the camera.

The guitar owner, lap, and holder of my beer is Mr. Bolt.

For future reference, never get me drunk, stick a guitar in my face (which I don't know how to play), and request to have a plastered singalong.

Not. Pretty.

She's a Cool, Cool Black

An Update for the Indifferent

- I haven't had a cigarette since Wed. I'm slowing down partly for me, and partly cuz the boy hates it. But man, do I ever want one right now.

- I hate snow, but I have an urge to spend the afternoon making a snowman family. Destroying them is half the fun.

- I'm running on 3 hours of sleep.

- I have a slight worry that no one will read the advice column that I recently was hired for, and that they'll can me after the first entry. C'est la vie... for a writer, anyway.

- The sun is shining and it looks beautiful outside, but it just doesn't cheer me up after last night.

- The 'novel' that I'm writing belongs in a genre that makes my boyfriend want to "throw himself in front of a train". I think that's the desired affect, but I guess I can count on one less book sold.

- The picture above reminds me that my sister will soon be a wife. But I'll still never be an aunt.

- I'm pretty sure I need more sleep, or I'll never quit rambling incessantly.

Bon nuit.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mike Seaver Sympathizes

Sometimes everything shifts and you realize that you've outgrown your life;

your friends, your home, your situation,

your existence as you've known it for so long.

But the life you want, and the integral pieces of it

are just beyond your reach.

Too big for one reality, yet not quite big enough for the other.

I'm impatiently awaiting my growth spurt.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and the Fugly.

Today has been an odd one.

After my knock-down drag-out screamfest with ma mere last night, I didn't wake up in the greatest mood. Stressed out and sleepless - fun way to start a day!

I decided to deal with the collections agency that's after me (word to the wise - Canadians, don't get an account at Macy's. They're lying when they say you can pay with a CDN credit card.) I can't access any information or talk to anyone because I don't have a US Social Security number. So why do they give these accounts to Canadians? They're laughing at me, I know it. American Asshats.

Next, I get an e-mail from a lawyer about the Admin Assistant job I applied for. He says I don't have the health background he needs (lawyer? health? make sense?), but he saw that I'm a writer/ editor and he needs one. Apparently he's taken to writing books lately, and wants to hire me to edit them all. The day started lookin' up.

Then I have it out with one of my best friends because of recent douchebag behaviour, and I needed to confront her about it before shit got worse. Weird conversation. Probably not the end of it either. Sad, really.

Later on, I find out that a rich family friend of ours wants to hire me to edit his articles for national magazines, and pay me to do some admin work for him. He wants to pay well, and it'll drum up further writing gigs for me.

Um, ok.

It's only 4pm.

I'm interested to see what's next.

Judging by patterns, it ain't gonna be good.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Never in my life have I been a fan of change.

I like routine, the familiar, and the known.

For a chick that some people deem "crazy", I sure am boring as hell.

Right now I sense the static in the air; the feeling that soon everything is going to be different.

It's kinda terrifying.

Everything from my job, to my relationships, to my location is more than likely gonna do a 180.

Am I prepared? Ready?

Hell no.

But it's going to happen anyway.

I can only hope that after everything is said and done, I'll finally feel like the pieces fit for once.
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