Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and the Fugly.

Today has been an odd one.

After my knock-down drag-out screamfest with ma mere last night, I didn't wake up in the greatest mood. Stressed out and sleepless - fun way to start a day!

I decided to deal with the collections agency that's after me (word to the wise - Canadians, don't get an account at Macy's. They're lying when they say you can pay with a CDN credit card.) I can't access any information or talk to anyone because I don't have a US Social Security number. So why do they give these accounts to Canadians? They're laughing at me, I know it. American Asshats.

Next, I get an e-mail from a lawyer about the Admin Assistant job I applied for. He says I don't have the health background he needs (lawyer? health? make sense?), but he saw that I'm a writer/ editor and he needs one. Apparently he's taken to writing books lately, and wants to hire me to edit them all. The day started lookin' up.

Then I have it out with one of my best friends because of recent douchebag behaviour, and I needed to confront her about it before shit got worse. Weird conversation. Probably not the end of it either. Sad, really.

Later on, I find out that a rich family friend of ours wants to hire me to edit his articles for national magazines, and pay me to do some admin work for him. He wants to pay well, and it'll drum up further writing gigs for me.

Um, ok.

It's only 4pm.

I'm interested to see what's next.

Judging by patterns, it ain't gonna be good.


Sebastian Bach said...

I'm writing an autobiography on my awesomeness. and my hair. can you edit it?

Kris10 said...

Haha... oh, Sebastian. I'd love to.

Although, your hair should get its very own book. Even I have copied your coif. (See picture)

Call me soon. We'll throw on some ball-crusher pants, tease our hair, and sing Wasted Time on my front lawn.

Anonymous said...

Remember when you edited everyone's correspondence at HSA? You couldn't believe that the big shots couldn't write a letter or report to save their life.

Wonder what they do now.

Kris10 said...

I'm scared to know.

Those things were AWFUL. How a person can get so far in life without knowing proper grammar and spelling is beyond me.


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