Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday Night Blather

Today, out of absolutely nowhere, I started thinking about the term "unconditional love".

Am I the only person who thinks that it's bullshit?

You can love someone completely, see past their faults, forgive things they may do, and continue loving them. But I'm of the opinion that everyone has a limit.

From what I can tell, the closest thing to true unconditional love tends to exist between parent and child. Those bonds can be amazingly deep.

But I wonder... If a mother loves her son or daughter above and beyond anything else in the world, does that make it unconditional?

I don't know. If that child grew up to be a serial rapist, or a murderer, or worse... is there even respect left, nevermind love?

I'm not a parent, so I can't say. But in relationships, I know there is nothing completely unconditional about it.

Someone hurts you, and you end things - eventually you fall out of love and move on.

Sometimes it takes even less than that. No wonder no one ever stays together.

Too bad, really.

Unconditional love would be nice. I'm a bit of a fuck-up.



Anonymous said...

The only thing i love unconditionally is my dog, everyone else screws up at some point.

Kris said...

I never screwed up. I was nice even when you were gawky. Geez!

But thank you for agreeing with me, sir.

Anonymous said...

Yes and i love you unconditionally as my best "guy" friend that i never see, and you know i agree with you.

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