Friday, April 4, 2008

"I Gave Her My Heart, & She Gave Me A Pen"

This, my friends, is Lloyd Dobler (played by John Cusack, obviously).

He is apparently the reason for disappointed chicks everywhere. The perfect imperfect man.

In his ever-present Clash t-shirt, beige trench coat and high tops, playing "In Your Eyes" on his boombox outside the home of the woman he loves.

The problem with this character is that so many ladies have decided "that's the kinda guy I want", and have failed to find him.

My friends and I have discussions all the time about finding our "Lloyd Dobler" amongst the neverending sea of assholes. The truth is that there are guys like him - sweet, loving, hotly geeky, and willing to do whatever it takes for their relationship.

Most girls overlook them.

My boyfriend has some Lloyd-like qualities about him, but I gotta wonder if I would've passed him by if he was a full-out Dobler.

Who knows.

Here's to all the good guys out there. I hope you find women worthy of you, unlike Lloyd did.

Diane Court was an ungrateful bitch.


Anonymous said...

Hi there Kris. I found your page when I was searching for info about Lloyd.
You are SOO right. We all want him, but we don't notice the guys that are like him. What's wrong with us?

Love your blog by the way


Kris10 said...

I dunno what's wrong with us, but if you find yourself a Lloyd Dobler - keep him.

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