Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ellen Squared

Is it weird that I kinda love Ellen Burstyn? Yeah, it's definitely weird. Especially since she's in the movie that ruined my life - The Excorcist. (I've made progress; there was a time when I couldn't even TYPE the title of that movie. Don't worry, my stupid weak-ass loser qualities will not rub off on you.)


So it isn't widely known that I think Ellen Burstyn kicks ass. I just think she's a cool lady. I do have one friend that knows, and they recently sent me a link to the trailer of The Stone Angel. I don't really pay much attention to new movies anymore, since I don't actually go out to see them like I used to. But I assume this one will garner some kind of interest, mainly due to the fact that Ellen Page is in it.

I'm ok with Ellen Page, especially since I tend to support Canadian actors where I can. She's a seemingly smart girl, even if her Juno role was a bit over-the-top as far as intelligent sounding wise-ass remarks go. That ain't her fault, I suppose.

So you adapt a movie from a best-selling book, add a movie veteran like Burstyn, throw in a cinematic "it" girl like Page, and take the finished product to a few film festivals. Does that guarantee success?

Yeah, that's right... It's Movie-Talk day at Shambled Ramblings Headquarters. Which pretty much just consists of myself, my computer, the voices in my head, and you people. But seriously, I'd like to know if this is a recipe for a best-seller. Ya never know... i may one day foray into movie-making.

Or not.


One legged Crickets that make no sound said...

Oh tell me thatthis Juno kid is gonna get posessed!!!

Is that what it is??????


Robert Campbell said...

Ellen Page really is Canada's IT girl and the trailer looks ... steamy.

ghetto.punk.chick said...

I read Stone Angel in highschool....I think I liked it.

Teena said...

I haven't read the book ... but plan too.

And I'll go see the movie too!

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