Monday, April 21, 2008

Shpring Has Shprung


I hadn't realized that my last post was on Wednesday.

Je m'excuse. Not that anyone noticed, but just in case.

I've been in Toronto all weekend with the boy. I'm becoming a Puck Bunny Extraordinaire. Or perhaps a Puck Bunny Uber-Ordinaire, but either way.

One notable fact about this weekend - we completely refrained from any crazy drunk nights. Hard to believe, I'm sure, but completely true. As it turns out, we still like each other without the assistance of blurred senses due to delicious hops and barley. It's ok to be proud of us - I am.

Ok, you're done reading this post now. Go outside, it's beautiful.

I mean it. Go, damn you!


blepharisma said...

Where did you go? I thought I would have heard from you Saturday night. We just ended up going to that Starbucks with the patio at Queen & John. Was too nice to go straight home.

Kris10 said...

We took Jack to Trinity Bellwoods after Craig's tournament, and then went home. We were too tired to go anywhere.

But we all need to do something soon. Next time I'll give you more notice for when I'm gonna be down. I was gonna e-mail you and see if you wanted to meet for lunch today, but I'm stupid and lost track of time.

PatZ said...

Can you tell Central Canada to please stop stealing the weather from the West Coast? k thx.

Krista said...

PatZ, Central Canada has been waiting ever so patiently for this, don't take it away from us!

I'll be out enjoying this sexy weather for the most part, till I get a sunburn or heatstroke. Then it's fans and cold beers till September.

Kris10 said...

Yeah, we suffered through the damn cold weather - we earned the warmth!

Ahh, patio beers....

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