Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sometimes I DO Get Off My Ass

A few years ago, my aunt was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

So now, every year the majority of my mom's side of the family gets together and participates in the MS Walk to raise funds.

It's actually a fun little walk around Port Dalhousie and surrounding neighbourhoods.

If anyone wants to sponsor me or our team, let me know. Every little bit is appreciated.

Or, if you want to JOIN us onthe walk, sign up here:

Everyone is welcome to join our team.


The Happy Crayfish said...

Wanna Bring Jick?

He would love to walk!!!

Kris10 said...

I so would! He'd find lotsa fun places to pee, I'm sure.

But I doubt he'd be in St. Catharines at 8am next Sunday.

blepharisma said...

So who am I sponsoring this year? I think I usually end up sponsoring you, because mom feels bad that you suck at getting people to sponsor you.


Kris10 said...

Yes, you sponsor me cuz I'm no good at rounding up money. I am a failure.

So gimme yer cash!

ghetto.punk.chick said...

Me thinks I shall be there. Since I don't work. Yay!

Kris10 said...

You should!

Buuuut you know it's at 8am, right?

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