Friday, May 9, 2008


I'm off to Toronto for the weekend, haven't been there in three long weeks.
I gotta go and see my boy...

Oh. Maybe this boy too, I guess.

Have a good weekend people! Word to your mothers.


Roland said...

hey Kris.. its Roland (Chris's friend). Just reading your blog, bored again :) nice picture there. I see thats from Zach's TakeMore photos website I didn't know you knew Zach? We used to party back in university quite a lot.

P.S. Parkdale is pretty cool... i live just north of there in the high park neighborhood, its very beautiful. Hope you have a nice time in Toronto. Cheers.

- Roland

Kris said...

Actually, I don't know Zach. I found that pic on a bar website and sent it to my boyfriend.

You live in a great neighbourhood; that's actually where my boyfriend wants us to get a place. Who knows, we could end up neighbours :)

Crik & Jick said...

Please come back, we miss you already!!!!

Kris said...


Miss you too. I didn't say bye to Jickety, give him a kiss for me!

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