Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Watched A Change In You; It's Like You Never Had Wings

I'm home again, from another Toronto visit.

Lately I'm over there more than I'm here.

Makes sense. Eventually, that's how things are gonna be.

Job hunting from a different city is a very strange thing. Everyday I find tons of them that I have the experience to do; the only problem is that I don't LIVE there yet.

I need to have a job there before I move, but I can't really get a job without living there.

It's the chicken and the egg thing, as Craig says.

Frustrating, to be sure.

Ah, it'll work out. I think.

And after the re-location, I'll no longer be a part-time Torontonian.



Mike D. said...


Kris said...



I'm probably moving to Toronto at some point. Probably.


Cosmo Kramer said...

ya thats right.

Kris said...

Be nice, Cosmofish Carcass.

My men must mourn. HA! (kidding.. don't beat me.)

Mike D. said...

I'll mourn for sure, when are you going? You shouldnt leave me you know.

Zafar the lonely Goat. said...

don't worry mike, she said "she can't quit you".

She just has to be there for you, from afar!

Kris said...

Yeah. Afar.

Zafar said afar.

And Mike, I think it's time we broke up.

Mike D. said...

No chance of that happening whether youre moving or not. Youre a good boyfriend to me.

Kris said...

I know I am. But i'm afraid I have another relationship I gotta pay attention to, and can no longer be your boyfriend.

Got your msg. I'm a definite 'maybe' for later.

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