Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Will Only Complicate You; Trust In Me & Fall As well

Oh, Thursday.

You're always such a pain in my arse.

Please note the eyes that lack sleep. That's the usual affect of a Wasted Wednesday. And every Wednesday seems to involve the Fat Girl Platter.


It's a vicious cycle. Every week, I know me and my friends will be going out to our usual bar for cheap beers on Wasted Wednesdays. And every single week I promise myself that I will not be dumb and eat a Fat Girl Platter afterwards. But alas... every Wednesday we go out to eat after the bar, and I'm always sucked in by the delicious, artery-clogging, ass-expanding food.

Ah, well. Why fight a good thing.

Today has been a drama-filled clusterfuck. I hate when things are made so difficult when they don't have to be, and then become confused to the point of insanity.

I must be getting old, cuz everything I want now is simple & straightforward. I have no use for jumbled up bullshit.

And so, I'm hoping that this weekend stays incident-free. It's a certain girly's birthday, and it's liable to get messy.


Parkdale Lad #35 said...

I like your hair in these. You look pretty.

You are pretty.


Kris said...

Thanks darlin'. Bonus points!

ghetto.punk.chick said...

You can blame me for the fatgirl platters....I'm very convincing. Our asses will get fat together....and the we wont be able to share the same couch.

Kris said...

So... in other words, you are forcing me to eat FGPs so that you never have to sit beside me on a couch again? Really, Leah. That's mean.

Now I will eat them out of DEFIANCE.

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