Friday, May 23, 2008

If I Only Could, I'd Make A Deal With God... & I'd Get Him To Swap Our Places

When it comes to important decisions, I tend to let myself down. While I'm fairly opinionated about most things, I fail at making choices that affect me personally and I can't completely trust myself to stick with them. Someone is likely to lead me the other way, and I'm likely to allow it.

Gotta love a perpetual state of confusion.

Most of the things that I have ever truly believed in have let me down in one way or another. So now, when I decide to do something and have my heart set on it, I then turn around and second guess myself. Daily. Sometimes hourly.

I am easily persuaded by those I care about, and I think that's my downfall. Somewhere along the line I started to doubt my own thoughts. I can't be sure what ideas are mine and what was slyly put in my head by someone who may not want what's truly best for me.

It has put me in a bad place. Important changes are happening right now, some that the people closest to me don't even realize exist. Because of past experiences, I'm apprehensive when it comes to making these changes. How do I choose the best route?

Rock, Paper, Scissors doesn't work when you're alone.

Excuse me while I go find a coin to toss.


PatZ said...

Call it, Friendo.

Kris said...

Still haven't seen that movie.

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