Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Patrick Swayze Uses Illegal Parts

My love of Sebastian Bach is well-documented.

Add Trailer Park Boys, camping in a parking lot, and Patrick Swayze trains, and you're a golden god.

"Hello California! You are crazy! We are Scorpions! Rock you like a hurricaaaane!"

Yeah. I'm cool.


Wretch said...

Too awesome.

Samsqwamnch said...

"am i paying for the bees? what is this honeyoil"

Kris said...


PatZ said...

SB is a douche.

Kris said...

Aww... In reality, I've heard that's true.

But I live in a fake world where he comes and sings to me in his oddly high voice, in his custom-made leather pants, with his hair blowing in the wind.

Don't judge. I'm a sad girl.

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