Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Shopping Shoppers, Crash Crash Crash.

In keeping with my recent blog posts about mindless fluff, here is some more.

I never go shopping. I'm not a good shopper, I get really bored, and I never find what I'm looking for. I only fare well when I have someone pointing things out to me.

So, since I need a crapload of new clothes (that's right - a crapload), I went shopping with my friend Maggie yesterday. I was intending to buy new skirts, sundresses, jeans, and rings.

But gee golly, I didn't end up with any of that.

Instead, I bought...
Another frickin' "bar" top. (although, this one is wunderbar for fat days, girlies.)

3 more t-shirts and another wifebeater. (Note: I do not endorse the beating of wives; husbands may be another story.)

and FIVE damn necklaces. Why five? I dunno. Don't ask me. Apparently I'm some kind of asshole who needed five more necklaces to add to her collection. Couldn't even find one ring that wasn't tacky as hell. Also, I already own one of these necklaces. But a person who shall remain nameless ripped it off of me when I was drunk and I stupidly couldn't get it off of my neck.

The point - I need help. I need someone who is good at this to help me with my shopping idiocy. Thank you.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

this made me laugh.

the bar top probably looks pretty great on. hope your well!

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