Monday, May 5, 2008

They Ripped Away My Memories, & I Can't Remember Who I Was Before.

As it is Monday, and my brain is still in Weekend Mode, let's make this post simple - shall we?

Another ode to one of my loves - list-making.

The Famously Infamous Miss Goetz:

- Is quite proud of the fact that her family genetics allow their hair to defy gravity, as per picture.
- Is currently looking for Toronto jobs, or Toronto-based writing/telecommuting jobs. Yep. Phase 1 begins, folks.
- Thinks that everything is gonna be changing in the next little while.
- Needs to get her ass outside. Maybe the rest of her, too.
- Is hearing voices coming from her speakers AGAIN. Male, this time.
- Isn't quite on Cloud 9, but is visiting Cloud 7 for awhile.
- Wonders when her new Alice In Chains t-shirt is coming in.
- Should've made herself a copy of the CD she made for Leah - "Hymns From The Uterus" (If you don't know why, don't ask).
- Is glad that Kyle comes home from Australia today, cuz the crew missed him.
- Is obsessed with fun cleaning products. It's sad.
- Is still counting up all the bonus points that her manboy racked up on Saturday.
- Needs to go eat food. And so she will.


Mike D. said...

Crazy as hell but pretty as hell too. Which one wins out?

Kris said...

Crazy. Always crazy.

ghetto.punk.chic said...

if you want a copy of the cd i can burn it for you when i burn you a copy of my new Protest the Hero cd

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