Sunday, May 25, 2008

Visitor Warning

If you come to visit me, and leave things at my house

I take ownership of them.

Take these glasses for example. They are now mine.

I don't need em.

But I'll still wear em cuz they're mine.

I may even put my hair up and dance around to "Hot For Teacher" should the feeling hit me.

That sounds like something I'd do.

So, Vicky, I'm holding your glasses ransom.

If you'd like to have them back, you're gonna have to visit me again soon.

Get in your car, and drive here from London.


Cuz you miss me. And your spectacles.

Please hurry.

Glasses don't suit me.

And I'm starting to go cross-eyed.


PatZ said...

you could do a perpetual Sour Librarian look with those. but then you'd have to write song that's like "Hot for Librarian".

Kris said...

Ooh, that's even better! Librarians are underrated.

A Boy named Sue said...

That Librarian in now my desktop!

Kris said...

Ha! No, seriously?

Mike D. said...

Hot for teacher is right, jeez Kris. If you were ugly maybe i wouldnt have cared when you cancelled our friday plans! Just kidding it was a great talk at least.

Kris said...

Sorry Mikey. Y'know I had my reasons.

The reason was that I don't like you, right?

Wretch said...

THAT is a saucy lady. Glad to have stumbled here.

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