Thursday, May 29, 2008

When The Kids Had Killed The Man, I Had To Break Up The Band

It's now officially official.

Goodbye to...

- St. Catharines
- my family
- my beloved Booze Crew of amazing friends
- my backyard and porch swing
- the house I've lived in all my life
- Port Dalhousie summers
- best friend/cousin living two blocks away
- Fat Girl Platters
- some of the greatest people I've ever known

but also goodbye to...

- drama
- The St. Catharines Rut
- living in limbo
- a past that never disappears
- long-distance relationships

Hello to Toronto.

To my boyfriend. My sister and her fiance. New jobs and more opportunities.

The countdown is on, bitches. Kristen's on the move.


Mike D. said...

Why do I have to keep finding out important stuff via your blog? Couldnt have mentioned this last friday when we talked forever? How long?

Kris said...

I see we've reached the Q&A part of our program.

I didn't know for sure until yesterday.

We'll talk, don't worry. And I'm not goin just yet.

White Stripes on Skunkweed said...

June 1rst.

Kris said...

Not even funny. Aug 1st, damn you.

The guys that knows whats up. said...


blepharisma said...

Oh, I can find you some new fat girl food. Oh yessir.

Kris said...

I KNEW I could count on you. I cannot function without a steady diet of grease, fat, and extra cheese.

Dinner or drinks soon, yes?

Chris R said...


Fat girl platters are so 20th century...Oprah would agree.

Celery, carrot and brocolli...that's where it's at this summer.

Kris said...

Chris, you're a good conscience. But I'm weak! :)

Fat bitch of a manslave said...

Dangerous Dans.

Nuff said.

ghetto.punk.chic said...

Living farther than 2 blocks away from me is unacceptable. I will be moving as well.....into your closet. Deal with it Gagnon. :P

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