Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gain Shirt, Lose Male Friends

I'm gonna be honest here.

I don't really watch much hockey. I'll watch the odd Leafs game with boyfriends and buddies, but other than that?


But the boyfriend bought me this vintage jersey (as explained in a previous post) and, at his request, I put up a picture of me wearing it since they played yesterday.

And now I'm receiving non-stop messages and comments about it. Hockey fans are CRAZY. And I've now made enemies.

John - your pic is retarded hot, but I hate the Wings and I want the Penguins so you fail! ;)

Marc - wow... too bad its not the Canadiens.

Jeff - sweet jeebus!! they ain't winning tonite!

Jonny - You know I love the Wings, my dear. Thats a funky vintage .... but you actually look sober in the picture. Shocking.

Ash - Your hair is so blonde now! Oh and nice shirt. What team is that? Oh, my boyfriend says they suck. Sorry.

Dan - Kris, you're usually a smart chick. But you picked a shit team. How can we be friends? We can't, that's how.

Gary - (just for the record this is probably the only time a wings jersey has ever gotten my attention, and will likely be the last, as it does still look hot!) Craig is indeed a lucky man LOL!Go Pens!!

Wayne - I concur that this is probably the ONLY time that a Red Wings jersey will ever get my attention.... in word... DAYUM! You done good Mr. Gagnon... you done good. Hey Kristen! lol...

Craig - :)

and the winner...

Mike - Dearest Kristen,

You know I have always loved you, the sun rose and set on your face. You were the most wonderful and beautiful person I ever knew. But I am afraid I can never speak to you again as you have ripped my heart out with your GODDAMN WINGS JERSEY!

Please understand. I will look back on you fondly.



Friggin' Pens fans. I now have no friends.


Mike D. said...

Nice! Go Wings!

Your friends suck.

Henryk Zetterberg said...

I didn't ask anyone to post a picture. I ask you to wear it out to the patio as the game was gonna be on!

Get it straight my

Henryk Zetterberg said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kris said...

You posted twice, Henryk. I had to delete you.

Please, finish your sentence... 'Get it straight my' WHAT?

I didn't wear it to the bars, so I took a picture. You told me to take pictures.

Anonymous said...


Well here in Pittsburgh we are, of course, rooting for the Pens. But that's a cool vintage jersey!

Kris said...

Ha! Everyone's goin' for the Pens... even the boy who BOUGHT me the jersey.

So I'm gonna go for the Red Wings cuz no one else is, and hell - I've got the shirt.

PatZ said...

fuck the pens. too much crosby. not enough flair.

Wretch said...

I'm tired of hockey in general. Your jersey looks good though. I only care about the crappy leafs.

blepharisma said...

At least it's red.

Krista said...

This hockey business is too scary to get into, thanks for the revealing info about hockey fans, Kristy.

Anonymous said...

"Gain shirt, lose male friends."

Ironically, if you lost your pants, I suspect you would gain many male friends.

Just saying.

Kris said...


So, that's what I need to do to get em back, I guess!

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