Sunday, June 15, 2008

Gone Daddy, Gone

Oh, blog.

I have forsaken you.

I apologize for my neglect, but I haven't been home.

I went back up to Toronto to dog-sit for the boyfriend, and brought my cousin along.

Those few days pretty much looked like this:

With a little of that:

And then more of this:

But, of course, there was one drunken night which resulted in a late night swing session at the park. We had to leave when I was decidedly creeped out by the dark emptiness of the park at 3am.

I'm a wuss.
And then I took Leah home, and drove right back to Toronto.

The boy came back from the business trip, so I spent a couple days with him.

Now I'm home. No, seriously. I really am in St. Catharines this time.

Last night I went out with my girlies for the first time in a couple weeks, and my best chick came home from London for the night. Gotta love that girl when she's drunk and loses all tact. She'll say anything.
Frizziness in pictures may be worse than it appears.

Or not.

Disgusting heat = disgusting girl.

Look away.
I am not proud to say that I had my own Fat Girl Platter, and did not split it as I normally would.

See? This is what happens in St. Catharines.


Chris R said...

"I am not proud to say that I had my own Fat Girl Platter, and did not split it as I normally would."

Kris, I love how you're growing as a person. Before, you were glorifying your Fat Girl Platters. At least now you're not proud of them. :)

Is 2008 the end of the Fat girl platter? Dum dum dum......

Kris said...

I try my best, Chris.

And I think me and the Fat Girl Platter will always be lovers. Just not as serious as we used to be.

ghetto.punk.chic said...

Oh jebus. So that's what I look like when I sleep huh? Weird. I can't believe you took, then posted those. You just wait missy, revenge is a bitch :P

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