Friday, June 27, 2008


This poem was written about me awhile back.

I'm omitting the writer's name, as they may or may not want it publicly posted.

So if this entry suddenly disappears - you know why.

Bright color sits trapped in her cell.
Beams of beautiful safety shine far away to weary and lost souls sailing in the void beyond the rusted bars that keep her in the dark.

Sitting, self imposed incarceration, beauty does not see what has washed upon her shores.

Gasping, laughing, and alive he clears the salt from his eyes and gazes skywards to the Beacon that kept him alive in the storm.

Soon, says he, I will offer a proper showing of gratitude.
But not now I beg.
Now, let me bask in a light a thousand vivid colors deep.
Let me soak in that which gives me hope.

All alone she sits.

Reading it now, it makes me happy and sad. It makes me think. And wonder.

Do I still sit all alone?

Or have I broken free of the rusted bars?

Sometimes I'm just not sure.


Anonymous said...

I cant tell if its complimenting or insulting you. But I dont know diddly about poetry anyways.

Anonymous said...

If you are at all an existentialist, Kris, you will note that you indeed, alone, as each one of us is, alone. That's not bad thing, per say. But you don't have to view it as "aloneness" as much as emptiness and being comfortable residing in emptiness. It's very Buddhist but if you do some research into it, you will understand what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

oh my!

Kris said...

It's actually quite a bit different than what you're commenting on. Not so much residing in emptiness, but knowing yourself enough and being comfortable enough with yourself to let another person, such as a significant other, in.

It was written by someone who wanted me to see what I could be, and to live to my potential and allow myself to open up enough to see what I could be with them. Sorta.

But no, aloneness is not bad at all. It's important, actually. but so is having someone to be the other half of you if they're the right one.

Anonymous said...

"you are not aloooonnnne....
cuz i am here with yoooouuuuu"

Anonymous said...

A week and no post from my virtual Toronto babe????

Argh!!!!!!!!!!! I'm seriously deprived here!!!!!!!

Kris said...

Don't worry, there'll be one today.

But only if you maybe give yourself a damn name! I think you're who I think you are, but ya never know.

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