Monday, June 2, 2008

Kickin' My Junk - A Story of Pictures

The majority of my weekend was spent going through everything I own, and trashing (or donating) half of it in preparation for the upcoming move.

I am the biggest pack rat in the world; always have been. Getting rid of things is torture for me.

3 bags of clothes went to the Salvation Army on Saturday, yet I still don't feel like I got rid of any. That's saying a lot, since I don't own the usual amount of clothes that most chicks do.


These pictures chronicle my Sunday afternoon/evening.

I found out that I own boxes of letters and notes from elementary school and high school. I remember why I kept them however, after laughing my ass off while reading a few.

But now they're gone.

Ah, the drawn on textbook covers. Yes, I kept that too. There were some pretty funny comments on it.

Gone now.

Never quite got this thing figured out.

So I kept it. There's still hope for me.

The first (and only) stuffed animal I ever made when I was young.

I only gave him one ear. Don't ask me why.

Keeping it.

The Melodica. Or, "Mouth Piano" as I call it.

I can still play "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". Don't be jealous.

It's a keeper.

I own a HARMONICA?!?!?!


With my guitar, Melodica, and Harmonica, I'm gonna be the coolest (read: dumbest) band ever!

It stays.

My old baseball coach used to make us books every year.

This is little me.

This is bigger little me. #9.

Can't throw em out.


I still like em.

My collection has dwindled, but still remains.

Even better?

Mixed tapes.

The majority being from big seester Blepharisma.

Old-school Hit Parader mag anyone?

Or a Rolling Stone from '94?

Hi Trent.

You're being recycled now. Sorry.

Aptly titled, I think.

Not pictured : 4 bags of garbage, 4 bags and one big box of stuff for the Salvation Army, and one recycling bin full of things I'm getting rid of.

Sorry to have bored you... but if you knew me, you'd mark this day in history.



blepharisma said...

funny how much of that stuff used to be mine... the melodica, the harmonica, the tapes (ahh yes, cherry pie. why didn't i keep that one? hahahaha)

Kris said...

True. I always got your stuff.

I didn't know the harmonica was yours... somehow I put it away and didn't realize I had it.

Anonymous said...


You have cassette tapes?

You are my new hero.

Kris said...


I used to have a bajillion. (That was the exact number)

Now I just keep a few... but it's enough to fill up one of those old tape cases that resemble briefcases. I just can't get rid of em, even though I've replaced most with CDs.

I am quite the loser. Music loser, really.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing all that! I especially liked the pink bunny, I have a bunny around somewhere. Not pink though. Or clean.

Kris said...


I think it's actually an elephant. I WISH it was a bunny. It was from some kit in the elementary school that was supposed to teach us how to make things. Me elephant project didn't go so well.

Unknown said...

Kristen, you wrote a Backstreet Boy's initials inside a heart. You made McLean your last name.

did you know that? I was just making sure you knew.

Kris said...

Yep, I did know. In grade 9, I ws quite a fan of AJ. I admit it.

On the other side of that textbook cover had the names of guys in metal bands, so I think it balances out. Crap, maybe not.

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