Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Le Update

Finally I can move around my house.

And even better, I can LEAVE!

Man, it was hard to exist without access to a kitchen. Especially when you're food addicted, as I sadly am. That means it's officially Gettin' Fat Time for Kristen. I'll take deep fried anything right now, with an extra order of fat and grease.

On a sidenote...

While going through more of my crap today, I came across something else that the boyfriend may deem breakup-worthy.

My Archie comic book collection that has been growing since I was about 5.

Think it'll be a problem?

Yeah. I'm definitely asking for singledom. Sigh.

Screw it, I need food asap. I'll worry later.


Farmer Bunce said...

I'm willing to bet, your boyfriend, LOVES Archie comics!

Just a hunch.

Kris said...

Ha! You gotta be kiddin' me....

Mike D. said...

You still have those eh. Are you Betty or Veronica?

The Fantastic Mr. Fox said...

She's neither.

You see both Betty and Veronica had a positive, and negative character traits, like polar opposites, thats why there's a debate, Betty, or veronica.

Kristen has the best of both.

She is a comic book all on her own. A heroine if I may call her that. Think Grindhouse, or Sin City.

I'm in love!

Kris said...

Aw, thanks darlin'... You're sweet. Let's live together or some junk. ;)

I always liked Betty best cuz she was overlooked, and I got that. But I wanted to BE Veronica cuz she was supposedly hotter and always got what she wanted. An amalgamation of both would be kick-ass.

M.V.P. said...

Allow me to dissect it. You're blonde like Betty, chased like Veronica, hot like both of them, kind like Betty, feisty like Veronica, hot like both of them, smart like Betty, crazy like Veronica, hot like both of them, one of the boys like Betty, crafty like Veronica. And hot like both of them.

What Craig said.

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