Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Like Freaks of a Feather, We Rock Together

For those of you who know me, or even those who just read my blog, you know my friends are a hugely important part of my life. Each of them has affected me differently, and they're all integral pieces of who I am. I love them all.

So leaving them is just tough.

Unfortunately, it's gotten harder.

A few reactions to me moving away have been hard for me to handle. I understand where everyone is coming from, really I do. But it doesn't make it simple in the slightest.

Some are now starting to pull away from me. It makes me want to scream "I haven't moved yet!". Because I'm not in the same vicinity, does that automatically erase our friendship? If that's the case, then it tells me we weren't really that close to begin with. My best friend lives in London; she's still my best chick.

Take note, people.

There are also a few people that seem to resent the fact that I'm leaving, as though it has a great deal to do with them.

Well, my apologies. It doesn't. I'm moving on, and moving away from The St. Catharines Rut. It has nothing to do with anyone but myself (well.. maybe a bit to do with Craig, too).

So to anyone who is taking offense to the fact that I'm jumpin' ship - don't. It's ok to miss me, but support would be appreciated too. Be glad for me like I'd be happy for you in return.

And that brings me to another bunch of friends I have.

The people who get it. They understand what I'm doing, and WHY I have to do it. They've told me how sad they are to see me go, but they are behind me completely. Those people, I thank.

I suggest everyone adopts this way of looking at the situation, and soon. The clock is ticking; there isn't much time left.

And then what?

Remember who your friends are.


blepharisma said...

Girl, just tell them the truth.


(but, believe me, you won't after a while)

Kris said...

Ha! I'll probably miss you for a looong time, considering the fact that we've only met up ONCE in Toronto since I started comin up lots.

I think you just secretly resent me cuz you had to babysit me for all those years. And cuz I tried to steal your middle name. And cuz your friends thought I was cute. And... well.... y'know.

Craig said...

that was badass.

i'm proud of you.

People are sometimes a little selfish, but they are still good people, they just need a wake up call!

Chris R said...


You're an inspiration. I'm feeling the Toronto rut. I either want to go to Silicon Valley or New York. Both are really expensive, but I feel that I've maxed out my stay in Toronto.

What should I do?


P.S. Sorry for turning your blog into an advice column :)

Kris said...

Craig - Merci. And yeah, you pretty much hit the nail on the head. (Wow, did I just use that expression?)

Chris - How long have you been in Toronto? Go wherever makes you happy... I've never been to New York OR Silicon Valley, but good luck if ya go to either of em!

M.V.P. said...

See ya in Toronto, LOSER! :)

Roland said...

I can kind of understand what your going through with your move and all. I grew up in Mississauga (I moved to Toronto a bit over a year now, pretty much for work-related reasons... I couldnt do the commute on a daily basis anymore, that was sort of the thing that pushed me over the top, among a few other minor things).

Why are you moving exactly, is it also cuz of work or just looking for a change of pace?

I like how you say don't loose your really good friends. I am still best friends with a few guys who I grew up with I've known them for about 10 years now. Actually used to hang around with all sorts of crowds, had to cut myself off from many of them because there were many bad influences too much into the party lifestyle not what I'm into anymore and whatever. I think its best to surround oneself with ppl that make you happy and care for you.

But yeah, wish you all the best in your new home. :)

P.S. I'm sorry to hear that you threw out your Deftones poster :(

P.P.S. - Chris you wanna move to those places too eh? Thats funny, me too. I don't know if its exactly Silicon Valley perhaps L.A. but I'm going to live in California for a year see that how goes, and maybe also New York. But I'd rather go to Cali because of the weather and beaches!!

- Roland

Kris said...

Roland - I'm moving for many reasons. While I love where I'm from, there's a mentality here that I want to get away from. And the job opportunities can be pretty sad. All that on top of the fact that I've been in a long-distance relationship since the Fall have made it clear that moving is a good choice for me.

So, Toronto it is!

ghetto.punk.chic said...

I told you straight up I have no problem with you long as I can live in your closet. That's ok with you, right Craig?

Kris said...

That's right dearie. You fall into the last category of friends I mentioned. So thank you. And you can live in our mud room. Maybe.

Do you cook? Or better, WILL you? :)

ghetto.punk.chic said...

I'm wicked with the George Foreman....and i make a mean grill cheese?

Anonymous said...

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