Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wherever I May Roam...

Man, I suck at updating lately. Sorry. Again.

As per usual, I've been carting myself back & forth from Toronto to St. Catharines like some kind of nomad. Whether I have multiple homes or no home, I've yet to figure out.

So last week I was in Toronto until Friday. On Thursday, the man comes home from work and we decide to go shopping, and possibly a quick beer after.

Do not trust this face. He is lying.

Somehow the "quick beer at the Steer" turned into "drinking til 6am at Jeff's".

They know alcohol is the way to my heart.

Lovely boys, they are.

When drinking with hockey boys, I suppose it is inevitable that hockey fighting becomes a worthy topic of discussion.

So much so that ya just gotta go through the motions.

I present to you Exclaim! Hockey League Fighting 101:

No one wins. You both lose and go home with hangovers and a lack of sleep.

Especially Craig, who had to go to work after sleeping for only an hour.

Friggin' champ, that one is.

Wine lips and drunk eyes - that must mean it's photo op time!

Sportin' our soccer jerseys. Craig representin' France and me showing my German colours.

Walking around Parkdale, we're liable to get our asses served to us by the Portuguese fans.

Stay tuned for further updates, including proof that I was actually in St. Catharines for once.

I shit you not.


The Chimp said...

Those punks got nuthin.

Kris said...

It's true. I saw.

RasaMi said...

Great post, and extra points for the MetallicA title!!

I SMSed that French wearing dude next to you last week, and he didn't reply. Looking at these pictures made me feel a bit better to why he doesn't love me anymore.

The SMS went something like this:

"I had Ricard's white tonight (or last night, can't remember, or maybe it was "I am having Ricard's white") and I miss you tons!"

I think I might have said "miss you guys"...not sure...needless to say that the booz in my blood was higher than usual.

Please do me a favor, and before you guys head to bed, spank him a bit for me...he might (read will) like it!

OK, I now need to 1st finish watching the NBA DRAFT, and then run the hell out of Canada before he tries to go all hockey on me and kill me!! lol

Kris said...

Rasam, indeed you did text him. I saw it. And in it, you called me his "Better half". Obviously the beer didn't lessen your intelligence ;)

I'm not in Toronto with him tonight, so maybe you should go see him and give him a spank yourself! Better you than me.

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