Friday, July 18, 2008

Goetzy's Gets Goofy at the Bang-up Birthday Bash

For anyone who reads this and is in the Niagara area, I'm heading down to St. Catharines to celebrate my 25th birthday tomorrow night.

I'm sure it surprises no one that it'll take place at my home away from home - Mansion House.

Be there.

If it's anything like last year.... wow. No one will be spared from the over-consumption of liquified hops, barley, and other booze-related beverages.

So join me in the celebration of my youth becoming further and further away in my proverbial rearview mirror.

Good times guaranteed. Or your money back.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Ah, to be 25 I would wine and dine you and captivate you with my throaty baritone, hypnotic gaze, and penetrating stare...and now you are but a virtual apparition, someone far away who lives in a dream inside someone else's head...yes, indulge yourself, Kris, and don't mind anonymous spirits licking you, up, down and all around....we celebrate your life, your coming into being and we wonder....what more is in store?

Roland said...

Happy birthday Kris (I'm also turning 25 soon.. July 27th). I don't know if I really believe that astrological stuff, but you do strike me as a Leo, like myself. Btw, regretfully I also share your pessimistic view of the world, or the "realist" view to put it another way. Its a shitty way of looking at things but rather embrace the truth of society than be blinded by false beliefs. We actually live in a wonderful city though, like if this was some city in the States like LA, hell would have to freeze over before someone would stop like that to help fix a broken down car for shore

Kris said...

Thanks Screetus!

Anon - When anonymous spirits lick me up and down, I tend to call the ghostbusters. They take care of it.

Roland - Thanks! I'm actually a Cancer.. moody, stubborn, emotional. That's me! And yeah, I call myself a "realist" too. We need more proof of good people. (Happy early bday!)

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