Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Can Go... With The Flow...

End O' July Recap/Update/General Useless Information Bulletin For Your Creeping (Dis)pleasure:

~ I just paid my first ticket EVER. Surprising that it wasn't for speeding. Nope, it was a badass parking ticket. Lame.

~ Went to see Shakespeare in the Park last weekend. It was really good. The boyfriend was lying in my lap the whole time, and was entertained enough to stay awake. If that's not a shining review, I don't know what is.

~ I'm looking forward to seeing many of my St. Catharines crew at the Rancid concert on Sunday, followed by an overnight visit from Leah and her new sweetheart of a boyfriend. Too bad the rest of this weekend will be so busy that I may sleep through their stay. Bah.

~ Recently I watched 'Lars and the Real Girl'. If I say that I wasn't uber impressed, is someone going to hurt me? Cuz I'll lie if I must. Ah, screw it... beat me. It didn't live up to the hype. Sorry, Gosling. We're still cool, right?

~ Can you tell that I am bored and have nothing of interest to say? Oh... It's ok. You can answer me when you wake up.


RasaMi said...

ok...a good movie that you might like:
"Son of Rambow"

I hearted it.

Anonymous said...

~ Recently I watched 'Lars and the Real Girl'. If I say that I wasn't uber impressed, is someone going to hurt me?

Yeah, I will! You weren't "uber impressed?" Well, too bad!

It was a very good movie, actually much better than I anticipated. The acting was excellent all around and this kind of movie is rare to come by. If you can't appreciate this kind of cinema then you're obviously not one to take seriously when it comes to cinematic reviews!

Learn to appreciate the craft of fine film making!

RasaMi said...

@anonymous: holly crap man! I hope you're joking.

it's an opinion...views on movies are subjective...I thought Star Wars EP 1 was actually pretty was EP 2, but most people hated both.

So am I wrong? Are they wrong?

Everyone is different, some like apples, some like oranges...some hate both.

Why am I not sleeping again? that I don't know...I'm gonna go and watch EP 1 again..."phantom" good...

Kris said...

Anon - Geez. Well great, I'm glad that you enjoyed it. It's ok to have differing opinions, perhaps you should take note of that.

I didn't hate the movie. What I didn't like was the hype. If I hadn't been hit in the head with everyone calling it "cinematic genius" and people telling me that there's NO way I won't like it, maybe I would have been able to enjoy it more.

And to be honest, "anonymous", you don't have to take my reviews seriously. This is a blog. A personal blog. I highly doubt that you come here specifically to read what I think about films and base your choices upon that.

If you take issue with what I post and how I write it, I question why you read in the first place.

Relax. Just a bit. :)

Rasam - I'll check that movie out. Your comments always rock darlin. (And I like oranged better than apples, really :p)

Lars' Golden Rod said...

I watched Lars and the Real Girl.

It was ok.

You see what happens is that a lot of "intellectuals" tend to begin to believe thier own Bullshit. i.e. The guy on here lecturing the Blogger about her taste, or shall I say lack of taste in cinema.


Perhaps the Blogger wasn't fooled by a typecast lead role, where Gosling plays yet again another adorably tortured and shy young man. Yawn. I didn't ever need the Notebook to get laid, but I understand your angle "anon"! PErhaps the blogger was a bit irritated, and maybe even offended by the condescending messages we get from a town of dickheads that prove that only in fucking smalltown USA are we capable of such empathy, only in the HEartland does Gods hand truly allow for the empathy required to help a man metamophasis out of a state of complete dillusion, into a solid and stable man by letting him date a fuck doll.

Maybe, Just maybe, the blogger isn't easily fooled by the late century and current trend of "indie" film making. If its quirky, and it is a little offbase, and the acting is kinda cool, it must be a fucking masterpiece. Gimme a break, I've seen installments of the Office with more social and moral responsibility than this, honestly.

While I actually enjoyed the flick, which, means I'm actually annoyed that I end up posting this response, I am just plain bored with these anally retentive dickwads that feell ike they gota ploice th einternet with thier fucking condescending brilliance. I just read "Cinematic advice" to a blogger who actually gets it, from a fucking idiot. If you were blown away by the movie, fine, fire it in again tonight, lube up, an dbeat it like it owes ya money (why not, that BIanca is pretty fine), however don't judge other because they will not. We don't all have the same tastes, but never forget my dillusioned little Ebert, just cuz a person doesn't like what you do, and you think you're brilliant, it ain't a shoe in that thier reasons are born from idiocy or ignorance. The very idea that you'd go that route shows your own defficiency.

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