Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Movin' On Up To The West Side...

Two weeks overdue, I'm posting about the move to Toronto.

I'm sure you all waited with bated breath, right?

Humour me.

The day of the move, me and my parentals.

We are still unable to all keep our eyes open at the same time.

I wonder what word could possibly be coming out of my mouth right there...


It just so happened that the day we moved, the boy also had a quick wedding to attend in Niagara.

(Congrats, Adam and Erin!)

So I took a few pics. Be glad I didn't post them all.

I'm allowed to think he's not entirely horrible looking.


Le truck.

Fillin' up at the gas station with all my worldly posessions in the back.

Also fillin' up at the gas station, please note the ice cream bars.

Because THAT, my friends, is how we roll.

Fast forward selector!

After the move, instead of staring at our piles of crap all night, we headed to Rob and Shari's new digs for some pops.

Said pops possibly made my tongue change colour.

The carnage that awaited us the next morning.

I'm happy to report that there is some semblance of an actual functioning apartment now.

The end.


blepharisma said...

I see a trambop in there!

Kris said...

Yep! A legless one!

Unknown said...

Oh how I hated moving. But it looks like you and your family didn't rip each other's heads off so bonus!

Kris said...

Nope, the moving OUT part was easy. The unpacking was the nightmare.

Still not over, unfortunately :(

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