Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One Night + Another Night = 25

As promised (or threatened), the Great Big Post Of Birthday Pics 'n Crap.

Started out with the boyfriend taking me out for an awesome dinner.

I ate things I've never eaten before.

Betcha didn't think that was possible.

And for once, I don't mean that in any type of dirty way.

Afterwards, we went out for drinks with some lovely people.

Lancelot Link DVD. He is a Secret Agent Chimp.

And if you can't tell, I decided to "Shock the Monkey".

Wow, this post is gonna have a Peter Gabriel theme. Stay tuned, folks.

Bob & Laura show off their drink recipe. At least I think that's that it is.

A gift from Laura. Worn with pride. And drunkness.

Crackberry. Crack kills. Seek help.

Not every picture is a winner... we know this.
Actually, nevermind. He looks good. I have a large cranium.
The end.... of night one.

Night two - my actual birthday.

Yes, I'm wearing the same outfit. If it's my birthday dress, and I celebrate my birthday on two nights, doesn't that mean I gotta wear the dress again?
Indeed it does.

Please note that this crown was forced upon me, and only worn briefly.

My girly drove down from London, and I love her for it.

I've known these kids forever.

No legs were burned in the making of this photo op.


Later on, a surprise in the parking garage.

Sammy stood waiting for me, with a mini radio, in a Clash t-shirt and played "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel.

She is my Lloyd Dobler.
For reference, watch Say Anthing.


It was gonna be done at my house, but the rain made it difficult.

Great birthday.

The people in my life amaze me.


Gordon said...

What a great B-day party. I know I was there in spirit (even if you didn't invite me). But it's a good thing I wasn't there in person; otherwise I wouldn't have been able to keep my eyes off of you. ;-P

Happy Birthday, Kris. You're lucky to have such good friends in your life.

Kris said...

Thanks Gordon. My people are the best.

Mike D. said...

Happy birthday honey. I'm glad it was a good one, cause you deserve only the best.

Kris said...

Thank you kind sir.

blepharisma said...

You did not elaborate on the dinner and the new things you ate. You need to tell us where you went!!!

Kris said...

We went to Biff's Bistro. I got quail, Craig got the duck, and we also had oysters and these awesome smoked salmon dishes...

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