Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Scents & Sensibility

Anyone that knows me well knows how I am about my perfumes.

I'm specific. I get hooked on one, and will wear almost nothing else.

It's just my luck that they ALWAYS get discontinued.

So, for the past few years, I've been wearing one that I finally found and liked after my other one was, you guessed it, discontinued.

I'm usually a vanilla chick. But not just any vanilla. I'm picky as hell.

I went to buy my stuff, and found out they aren't making it anymore. Go figure.

On the website, they had them on clearance. So I bought 6.

They finally came in today; low and behold they're TINY.

See how small they are compared to the crap on my desk?


I now have a collection of perfumes for toddlers.

Time to start the exhaustive search for a new daily scent. It's gonna get ugly.


Anonymous said...

You always smell like baked goods. Yum :-)

Melinda said...

hahaha. I love that you have a nameplate under your computer.

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