Thursday, July 10, 2008


Ok everyone. I got the emails and messages - I'm SORRY.

Here's a filler post to satisfy your Goetzy needs until my computer is up and running and I can access my own pics.

Cuz in case you didn't know.... this bitch is now a Toronto resident.

The move this past week has been a bit crazy, coupled with my own comp having no home, so there's my excuse for the neglect.

It's ok though. You still love me.

The 5 year-old in me will never stop loving swings.

Stress-relief, stress-forget and stress-release extraordinaire.

For a split second, you're an anti-gravity hero.

Descend only briefly, and then you're right back on top of the world.

So if you see me on one, let me be.

You wouldn't want to ruin this insane happy.


Gordon said...

Yeah, the sexy, now Toronto based B is back in business! ;-)))))))

Can't wait for the Toronto drama of your life to begin seeping out of your finger tips on to the pages of your most delectable blog...

I used to love swinging as a kid. But as an adult, it gives me terrible dizziness and headaches of all things! Rats!

Wishing you peace of mind in your new home.....

Kris said...

Thanks, Gordon.

I'm hoping there will be a LACK of drama in Toronto. Hence the move.

And it's too bad you're no longer a swing fan. If it started making me dizzy and headachy, I'd probably cry.

Roland said...

gotta embrace the kid in all of us sometimes

Happy riding's :)

Gordon said...

But just remember. If there ain't no drama, what are you going to write about???????? ;-))))))

Roland said...

there's plenty of drama in this city... after all its Toronto

Anonymous said...

Hey neato!
Congrats on your move to Toronto!

Kris said...

Different kinda drama than I'm used to, guys.

And thanks Screetus!

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