Friday, August 22, 2008

Waterfront Affront

Since Sunday was nice, we decided to take the dog and walk down along the waterfront.

Bad idea.

Jack has a water obsession, and went a little crazy.

It wasn't so much a 'walk' as it was a 'drag Jack away from the damn lake' outing.

Still nice, though.

So that evening, we had planned to go to Phil's for ribs. We like food (more than most things), so we were excited because we'd heard how great it was there.

We get there - closed on Sundays. Sonofabitch.

Dejected, we then stopped at a place up the road from Phil's, but weren't feeling it. So we left.

A little bummed and a lot hungry, we decided to step out closer to home and check out Julie's, a cute Cuban place on Dovercourt.

See? Cute, dammit.

My food.

Craig's food.

We'll be going back there, I'm sure.

As for Phil's - we aren't on speaking terms right now, but I'm sure things'll get smoothed over when we finally get some freakin' ribs!


blepharisma said...

Ooooh Cuban food!! We should go there with you guys sometime... where is it?

Kris said...

Dovercourt. Right near moi. Lemme know when ya wanna go. I have a pic of the menu if ya wanna see it.

ghetto.punk.chic said...

I just have to say I'm a little concerned about you.....taking pictures of your food? When I see tourists do it at BP I laugh at them. If you continue this behaviour I will have to laugh at you too.

RasaMi said...

heyyy...there's NOTHING wrong with taking pictures of your food! *blushes*

Looks pretty decent actually...the rice looks pretty good...I can see why Craig and I get along! lol

Am I the only one that really likes the plates?

Maybe I need to come out of the closet already...

screetus said...

That's cool that you're discovering more places in your new city.

C-Bot said...

not that were discovering them Screetus, just getting our butts motivated to go and enjoy them. Were slow.

Kris said...

Leah - I will take pics of my food when I wanna! Otherwise, how am I gonna show you what I ate?

Rasam - I dig the plates too, don't worry!

Screetus - They were discovered for me, I just tag along and pretend I already knew they existed.

C-Bot The Wonder Dog - I'm not slow. I'm pacing. :)

Anonymous said...

I'll take you there to eat anytime you wish.

Kris said...

Oy vey.

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