Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Get Off The Table, Mabel. The 5 Bucks Is For The Beer.

Meanwhile, back at the Cock & Tail...

We sat in the back room.... again.

With the lovely steer head... again.

And took pictures... again.

(Quelle surprise.)

Oh hi, random stranger.

This guy comes to the room we're alone in, and says that he was told he should come and get his picture taken.

I'm fairly certain he thought we were working for the bar.

Still, we obliged.

So here's your pics, dude-with-name-I-can't-remember.

When I find where I put your email address, they shall be yours.

Til then... you've been BLOGGED (and you'll probably never know it).


M.V.P. said...


Kris said...

Oh yeah? Is it? IS IT?!


Heff said...

I get the same shit when I take photos in a restaurant to blog. The employees end up thinking I'm a food critic or something, lol.

Kris said...

Yeah, sometimes I feel really stupid when taking certain public pictures.

Then I say "fuck it" and continue.

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