Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Feel A Wreck Without My... Little China Girl

Holy busy weekend, batman.


Time to catch my breath.

Friday night was Jeff's goodbye party. He's off to Beijing for the Olympics.

The night featured a special guest - John Bland, the infamous chimp and Ladies Man Extraordinaire.

Lookin' good, chimp. You too, John.

"Just you shut your mouth"

Next night, the ravenous couple sought out the "best perogies in Toronto", according to a food review website we found.

Amber's, in Bloor West Village.

Perogies + beer + truckloads of sour cream = the happiest Kristen you'll ever meet.

Afterwards, the lovely Rasam came by.

He is the best, and I'll share Craig with him anytime.

Sorry for falling asleep; I thought I'd give you alone time.

I'm a woman of few words for this post. More about the weekend later.


RasaMi said...

hahahaha...love the pictures!

Craig looks like a supermodel, doing that sexy serious pose thing...or maybe thats just me...:P

ohh and you didn't pass out, we put you out! we needed to discuss our "relationship" and decided to slip you a roofie! I thought the funny drinking-game-clip thing E was an obvious hint!

ohh and the lovely comments made me blush =)

Thanks again for everything, need to do this again soon.

Kris said...

It MIGHT just be you... I love the guy, but I think you're more attracted to him than I am. (Kidding... I promise..)

I hope you worked out the relationship while I was passed out. And I appreciate the creepy pics of me sleeping... Made me laugh.

Definitely doin' it again soon. I'll stay awake.

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