Monday, August 11, 2008

I've Been Looking So Long At These Pictures Of You, That I Almost Believe That They're Real

While I am a photo whore (which I've been told is much cooler than a regular whore), I've also been known to like pictures that don't involve me or Craig, beer, or rogue middle fingers.

Don't be shocked.

This painting is housed in our living room, above the couch.

It matches every room in the apartment, and was an impulse buy... from Ikea. No shit.

The title of it is actually "Serene Contemplation".

Oooh, deep. I call it "That Tree Above The Couch Where We Drink Beer."

Another painting was purchased by Craig at one of Raymi's art shows.

It's of her boyfriend Phil.

Because of Craig's man-crush on Phil, he couldn't let this one go.

It has prime real estate; eye level on the wall across from the front door.

The lighting in the pic is crappy, but don't be fooled. The light actually hits it perfectly, which I'm pretty sure was strategic on his part. Man-crushes should always look good.

This lady lives in our bedroom.

She watches me sleep. Which causes me to not sleep.

And the next picture that will get a prime piece of wall space?

Another of Craig's man crushes, Zidane. As soon as he finds the proper frame, up it goes.

I'm so outnumbered I might as well give up.

Le sigh.


raymi lauren said...

oh the mighty man-crush.

px said...

who could blame the guy?

Kris said...

I don't blame him, you're probably much less bitchy than me.

And Raymi if you ever suddenly wanna be single, you know who to ship your man to.

Steve said...

Any guy who has crushes on other people when he has a woman like you is just insane. I like the tree.

Kris said...

Thanks, but his man-crushes are ok. Apparently his crush on me is marginally bigger. But only marginally.

Pimpy ther "Fly" Fishinpimp said...

PX is short for HOT!

Kris said...

Ha! "Pimpy"... better watch who you're complimenting, or I may change the locks on ya... you cheating, asshat man-lover. ;)

RasaMi said...

Craig's man crushes and I'm not even mentioned? pfff

Craig, I know you wanted to keep "US" on the DL, but I can't take it anymore.

Stop playing with my heart! I have feelings dammit!

Ohh and I'm so getting you two a picture of me...framed...with extra chest hair! lol

Kris said...

Rasam, what he feels for you is probably much deeper than a crush. In fact, you can take my place if you must.

If you sent that pic, it'd go above the bed. You know this.

RasaMi said...


Thanks "K", I really needed a good laugh. *big hug*

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