Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lloyd Dobler vs. Chuck Klosterman & Men In General

After 50 billion people (an approximate number, I admit) told me I NEED to read this book, I finally am. Jeff kindly lent it to me right before his trip to Beijing to hob nob with Olympians.

My excitement about it was a bit hyped up. I mean, he writes about the affect Lloyd Dobler had on women's relationship expectations? There's a Gun 'n Roses tribute band in it? Cocoa Puffs? Hey, I dig Cocoa Puffs!

You see what I mean.

So, I started reading it. By page 8, he already had me talking to him in my head head by writing "... we're forced to live inside the acoustic power chords of Nuno Bettencourt, even if most of us don't necessarily know who the fuck Nuno Bettencourt is."

Um. I know who the fuck Nuno Bettencourt is. So?

As I'd hoped, Klosterman's musings about Lloyd Dobler were bang on. He can be damn funny and make me want to keep reading for the most part. But when he blathers on about a subject long after it has lost its luster, I realize that this is the literary equivalent to 'liking the sound of your own voice'. And he sure as hell does.

Needless to say, I'm still entertained. And, due to lack of time spent reading lately, I'm not done. More later, I suppose.

Now... if I could only get through these damn sports chapters and hit the parts where he discusses song lyrics (my obsession), I'll be back in my happy place.


Bob said...

Klosterman is by far the funniest writer I have ever read. I mean really, who doesn't want to read an entire essay on the cultural significance of "Saved By The Bell"?

Maybe you think he's over rated because you are a girl.

If I had Chuck's voice, I too would love the sound of it, and would blather away.

Actually, I do that anyway.

Kris said...

Honestly, it's just the sports thing that seems like "blather" to me, cuz a lot of the time I have no damn clue who he's referring to.

The Saved By The Bell stuff? Love it. It also makes me sad, cuz I completely remember specific episodes that he writes about.

I still have "Killing Yourself To Live" to get through after...

Anonymous said...

Klosterman is a hack. I will never understand how people can become famous and rich by giving their opinions on useless subjects like he does. What is the importance of it?

Kris said...

We thank you for your opinion.

Good luck with the fame. Your cheque is in the mail. ;)

Anonymous said...

I read your blog everyday and finally comment and you make fun of me?

Good! =)

Kris said...

Heh. Sure, why not? Besides, you aren't the only anonymous commenter. There's a bunch of you folk. I show no favouritism!

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