Friday, August 15, 2008


Sometimes we look like "that" couple.

All smiles and love in our eyes...

'Til a swift kick to the head shows our true colours.


A few days ago, one half of the Augerman Twin Combo came up Parkdale way for a visit.

Bar-hopping ensued.

This bar was after Reposado, The Drake, and before the Rhino.

But I couldn't tell ya the name of it.

"Is this where boobs go?"

Yeah, I guess I missed her.

And now... we DANCE! (But first.... Oogu!)

No that is not my own lipstick above my lip.

Thanks for being concerned.

Apparently I like to lie on street garbage. But only some days.

Not pictured - the 3am job change as me and Maggie became furniture movers and picked up a dresser from the side of the road and carried it home.

Don't ask why. That's unimportant.

It now sits in the middle of our living room without a home.


Fung said...

What a good-looking couple!

Kris said...

Well thanks. Which one?

Anonymous said...

I like the cow skull. I could use a few of those in my place.

Holly B. said...

That bar looks like a cool place.

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