Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ruby's Fadin' Out, She Disappears, It's Time... Time To Say Goodbye

Sunday afternoon, a bunch of friends from St. Catharines came up to go to the Rancid (w/ Creepshow and Sick of it All) concert w/ me and the boyfriend.

I wasn't quite sure if we could fit all of them in our place, but hey... we did it.

The beers began at around 2:30, and continued throughout the night.

The concert was fun, although it's a bit strange when 95% of the sweat on you isn't yours at all.

Still... good times.

I have no pictures of the actual concert. Probably a good thing.

After the concert Sam, Adam, Mindy, and Ken headed back to good ol' Niagara.

Me, Craig, Leah and TJ hit the Rhino for more beer. Yes, we like beer.

If the picture above is any indication of inebriation and concert-grossness, you get the idea.

After a sleepover Chez Craig & Kristen, the Fearsome Foursome went for breakfast at, you guessed it, the Rhino.

3 times in 4 days, people. That's sad.

And now the long weekend is over, and it's back to the job-hunt and housecleaning for me.

Happy Tuesday, freaks and geeks.


ghetto.punk.chic said...

Wow. Why do I look all preggers in that one pic? Did I get pregnant & nobody told me? Cuz that's so not cool.

Kris said...

You don't look preggo, my dear. And if you WERE pregnant, I would so tell you. And then steal the baby for weeks at a time, but give it back when it made me wanna throw my head through a wall.

I love babies. I just don't want one yet. Maybe tomorrow.

samuel L jackson said...

ha. i bet that shower felt good when you got home. i didnt shower til the morning. it was gross

Kris said...

Ha! We didn't shower when we got home. We sat down w/ Ken, then went out for more beers. We were too tired and it was too close to last call.

Beers before showers like hos before bros.

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