Thursday, August 21, 2008

She's Only Happy In The Sun

Oh, hey there August 21st!

I wasn't expecting you. You kinda snuck up on me, and I'm not all that impressed by it.

My brain is still stuck in June. Didn't summer just start?

Well, shit. I never got the memo.

So I guess this means summer is almost over.

Seems as though I screwed up on this one.

Didn't take advantage of my favourite season; didn't do a whole bunch of crap that I honestly meant to do.

And hey, on the bright side... we did get a few days that didn't rain.

Look, I even found photo evidence of that.

Yup. Eight whole photos of non-rainy days.


And, I did also get in a beach day.

Literally, one beach day.

That turned out cloudy for the most part.

But I'm not complaining...

Ah screw it, yes I am!

Do I get a re-do? I'm not ready for cold weather and drafty windows. I need more patios and tank tops.


Think about it. Get back to me.

Until then, I'm pretending it's still June.


Mindy said...

Where did the summer go?
Too much rain, not enough niceness.
I hope it's a warm fall.

Kris said...

Mindy, at first glance I thought that was a haiku. Heh.

Anonymous said...

Hello bikini body.

Nice to meet you.


Kris said...

Oh man.

m.v.p. said...

If only I saw this years ago, during my crush. Thanks, Kris. You ruined my life! As for summer -- you're right. Far too quick for my liking.

Kris said...

I did not ruin your life in any way! If anything, a younger me made it richer and fuller... Ha!

m.v.p. said...

ok ok sure. You did. But these photos are now laughing at MY younger self. Really though, way to not get fat. Har har har.

Kris said...

Oh, I gained.

Ok. Enough of this!

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