Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To See, Or Not To See? That Is The Question.

I like Shakespeare.

So when I saw that Hamlet 2 was coming out, I was... well, confused.

I hadn't realized that Billy Shakes had risen from the dead and constructed a sequel. Although that would be the thing to do these days, no? Maybe he just wanted in on the prequel/sequel action. Anything for a buck.

But, no. That wasn't the case.

It pretty much has no Shakespearean ties.

The movie is a comedy, and one of its tag lines is "What would Sexy Jesus do?"

Check out the link and get back to me. Are you a bookworm who is disgusted at the mere idea of this movie? Or do you think it'll be piss-your-damn-pants funny, worth seeing over and over in Zoolander fashion?

Once again, it's Movie Day at Shambled Ramblings HQ. Humour me.


Robert Campbell said...

I suppose Steve Coogan fans will find a reason to like this movie, and its good to see Elizabeth Shue working... But I'm not a fan of South Park shock comedy.

RasaMi said...

I am SOOO watching this...it looks amazing!

Give me a time and a place and i'll be there!

M.V.P. said...

It hurts my head. I won't watch it.

Roland said...

I get confused / sleepy when I hear the word SHAKESPEAR, sorry.

I have a short attention span if its not about beer, money, or good looking girls i usually TUNE IT OUT

I do read books though... as surprising as that is, I know! Right now I'm reading a book called step on a crack by James Patterson. its alright so far

Roland said...

oh, just to follow to that, i seem to have cut myself off abruptly for a moment.

So, like I was saying, I'm usually 'that guy' at the theaters who gets confused about the plot lines easily.. I remember when I saw Batman The Dark Knight (BEST MOVIE EVER BTW).. and at the end I actually thought the Scarecrow died in the forest, seriously.

Hey, to my defense, he just disappeared in the movie pretty much, they realized ok that's it, this guy sucks, they gave him one part in the movie just to have some minimal tie-in to the first Batman and that was pretty much the end of him

Kris said...

I think I read that book, Roland.

And I hear ya. I can't remember, but I think I thought that too.

I don't think this movie will confuse ya.

ghetto.punk.chic said...

I'll watch it....South Park makes me pee my pantaloons. Oh, and laugh too sometimes.

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