Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend O' Family (AKA - The Boyfriend Picture Post)

This weekend, Craig, Jack and I packed up and headed to Niagara for family visits.

After hanging out at his mom's for awhile, we went to my Dad's birthday dinner.

I guess it was Craig's birthday dinner, too.

My men with their cake & candles. How sweet.

Yeah, ok. You're cute. I get it.

The next time I wanna throw things at you, I will look at this picture.

The ensuing "awwww, my boys..." comment will help to lessen my anger.

Sunday was the family picnic for my Irish side.

Poured like bloody hell.

Yeah, like that.

Not pictured - Kristen looking like a drowned rat. Be grateful.

Us doing the balloon toss.

I screwed up and made us lose. But isn't it lovely how well this photo captures my big damn butt?

Sigh. Very sad.

Ok Jack. Time to go home.


Anonymous said...

"The next time I wanna throw things at you, I will look at this picture." - I know this feeling so well, LOL.

The Trailer Of Love

Kris said...

Yeah, me too. I hope, for his sake, that it actually works!

M.V.P. said...

Your butt ain't big, loser. It's a great butt. Shut your mouth.

Kris said...


ghetto.punk.chic said...

It's ok Kris....I made me & Tj lose the water balloon toss too. We've decided to train for next in? :P

Kris said...

We decided the same thing.

Which probably means that instead, we'll smack each other in the heads with stuff, then drink beer til we forget about it.

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