Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bizarro Kristen

This is me in a nutshell.

I am a carb and grease addict, exercise detester (i.e. total avoider), and a sworn enemy of all things nutritious and healthy.

So this week, I think something is wrong with me.

Saturday night, I ran out of cigarettes. I didn't buy more until Wednesday night - and I still have yet to smoke one.

5 days. Unheard of! But that's not all...

Although I'm quite accustomed to my sedentary (read: lazy as shit) lifestyle , I've been feeling pretty sloth-like, which is causing me to just be blah. So what did I do?

I downloaded a friggin' Tae Bo video. I shit you not. I figured it would be easy enough for dumbasses like me.

Billy Blanks goes punchy punchy, kicky kicky.

Kristen goes punchy punchy, kicky kicky.


And yeah, I've actually done the workout now. TWICE.

(Please take note that this Shambled Rambler has not done a "workout" or "exercise" since... oh, I dunno. Whenever Johnny Depp was still kickin' it on 21 Jump Street.)

On top of those two monumental things, I have also made a point to add more fruits and veggies to my diet, while (kinda, sorta) staying away from uber fatty things. For those who know me, that may be most shocking of all.

But fret not, dear readers and friends.

Knowing me, which I do quite well, this won't last much longer.


Heff said...

5 days without A SMOKE ? You're killing me !

Kris said...

Well, when I'm not drinking I may have 1 (or 2) a day. So not a HUGE deal. But still!

Doc said...

Smoking won't be great for the baby anyways unless you want it to be a cyclops or have a third nipple.

Congrats to both you and Craig. ;) j/k

Kris said...

Who told?!?!

Oh, Doc. Don't scare me.

Although... a cyclops baby WOULD be kinda cool. We could make money off of it. :)

Doc said...

No shit ... I had centaur 8 years ago from my days working as a ranch hand in Alberta. We joined the carnival shortly after and made a killing. So much that I don't have to work again for the rest of my life.

If you want some carny contact names, just hit me up. ;)

sammy sosa said...

congrats on the somewhat quitting smoking. did you get my ecard?

i hate that i did it. its gross and you all should stop. i dont know how many times i have heard the 'oh im quitting at the end of this month, week, blah blah fucking blah'

on a less bitchy note, adam loves the tae bo. good for you for taking affirmative action. try yoga too... its slow and focuses on different types of breathing and is basically just stretching for a more toned bod. loves it!

and good luck on your healthy food endevours.

Kris said...

Doc - I'll remeber that when the baby.. comes.

Samaroo - I got the card. Silly girly. Yeah, you told me Adam does it... I think that might be what made me think of it. Give him a hug and say thanks for me. Miss you dorks.

RasaMi said...

Rasam is happy for no smokey!

Actually, Rasam is really happy! I am super proud of you K!

And Rasam is sorry for not leaving comments before, he has been busy with what is known as "school". School is this bitch I know, which hates me. I hate her back. Usually first week of school is jokes for everyone, but not for Rasam.

You see, Rasam doesn't pick his courses during the summer, like everyone else. Rasam waits till the school starts, and the courses are full. He then has to run around, drag the Profs down and get the permission slip signed. Rasam is lazy.

I don't how fun this Tae Bo stuff is, the dude sweats alot, but I Agree with Sammy Sosa (isn't that a baseball player? I hate baseball), Yoga is the shizneet! I heart it!

Anyways, I shall go and try to sleep. I hear that its fun.

Ohh btw, I refuse to comment on posts that has pictures of you and "C". Its a principal thing. And maybe jealousy.

BTW, that picture looks amazing, who took it? Ohh ya, I did! The BORING RASAM!! :(

OK, change of plans, I am now gonna cry myself to sleep, cause you reminded me of how boring I am.

Why am I writing so much?

hey Doc, heart ya dude!

Ok, got class @ 8:30, I'm outy playaaz!!

Kris said...

Lovely novel, Rasam. Truly :p

I hope school is going ok for ya. C just said this morning we need you to come over soon to fix his compu - i mean, cuz we miss you & want to hang. Kiddin', we DO wanna hang.
Don't cry yourself to sleep, love... you're the opposite of boring! Yaaaay.

M.V.P. said...

How does your boyfriend feel when all these people include him in their comments, and he's plastered all over the blog? Pregnant rumors? Oh no.

Kris said...

Don't think he reads it much. Or maybe scans sometimes. I don't think it bugs him though!

And I'm not preggo! Bah!

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