Monday, September 15, 2008

Everyday Is Halloween

So, it's gonna be Halloween-time again soon.

I am seeking your help, ladies and gents.

I need a kickass costume.

This was me last year.

Complete with tats, a vial of fake blood around my neck, and an "adopted" immigrant baby.

Fun to be, but kinda stupid since me and my planned Billy-Bob parted ways a month earlier.

So, who has ideas?

I'm looking for something killer for a couple.

A couple that includes me and this happy-looking fella.

He's willing to do Ziggy Stardust, but what could I be with it?

Other than that, what have ya got?

Aaaaand..... GO!


Mindy said...

You could go as Iman, just get some bronzer.

Gatsby and Daisy
Peter Doherty and Kate Moss
Zoolander and that reporter chick
Sid and Nancy (overplayed?)

Kris said...

Aw, I love Gatsby. Craig hates the book.

But yeah, I'll run these past the wife. (I hope he doesn't want me to be Kate Moss - I like food too much.)

Mike D. said...

Last year you said She Ra butI think you should try WonderWoman.

Kris said...

I'd love the do She-Ra, but I don't see Craig as He-Man.

Wonder Woman, and WHO?

Kris said...

I'm slightly disappointed in the lack of suggestions, people!

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